Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Bodhi-Shaman Path

Shamanism, Buddhism, and Meditation
The congruences and differences between Buddhism and shamanism are discussed and practiced with respect to quieting the mind and sitting with one’s own suffering and the suffering of another. Beginning Mindfulness practice.
Shamanism, Buddhism, and Self-care
The benefits of quiet mind, discernment, acceptance, and letting go of desire to enable one to begin to listen to the lessons of the bodyand Nature. Learning to balance work, play, sleep, and nutrition as a part of one’s spiritual life.
Shamanism, Buddhism, and Jungian Dreamwork
The perspectives of the Buddhist, Shamanic, and Jungian Dreamworker/dreamweaver are introduced and discussed. For best results, participants are encouraged to bring a recent dream for a triple interpretation.
The Question of Evil in Jungian Thought, Shamanism and Buddhism
The question of evil has persisted throughout history. In this workshop, the perspectives of the Jungian, Shaman, and Buddhist address this timely topic.

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