Saturday, July 18, 2015

Introductory Classes

Discovering Your True Cosmology (The Time Line)
A history of ideas and how to determine your personal world view. A lecture followed by the opportunity for participants to illuminate and discuss their personal views of how the world works.

Introduction to Energy Work
This didactic and experiential workshop introduces the concept of energy work and gives participants a practical experience of the basics of biofield energy healing.

Self-Care Techniques: A Two-Hour Vacation
This workshop provides participants with a “two-hour getaway” through meditations for chakra cleansing and focusing.

How to choose--and lose--a therapist
A two-hour workshop discussion on how to prepare for and interview a new therapist, what questions to ask, as well as how to know when your therapy is over, and honorable termination with your therapist. Ample time will be given for questions and answers.

Make Your Dreams Work for You
Discover how to interpret your dreams to learn about your strengths and desires, as well as how to have an inner dialog with your subconscious in order to achieve those desires.

All classes meet for two hours.

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