Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jung at Heart: Reading/Inquiry Group

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. -- C.G. Jung*

"Man has a soul...there is a buried treasure in the field." -- C.G. Jung **

Carl Jung's entire life and career were devoted to the exploration and understanding of the religious function of the psyche. His books and ideas have only just begun to be understood as the radical redreaming of human purpose that he discovered in his lifelong study of myth, religion, culture and individual dreams. His books are not easily understood but if one persists and with helpful others also reading along the rich depths of his psychological explorations begin to reveal. With a goal to this rich unfolding of Jung a bi-monthly reading and inquiry group is forming for all who are interested in reading Jung and Jungian or transpersonal works of a religious/soulful nature which synthesize psychological and mythic material.

Those who are involved in therapy work, counseling, body oriented psychological work, ministerial work, any form of healing work with others or who simply want to continue to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the psyche (greek for "soul") and develop a deeper union and communion with personal and collective psyche which as Jung says, "we are is not just within us," are invited to attend. A major goal of the group will be to understand and begin to integrate Jung's psychological approach personally and practically. All you need to participate in this group is a commitment to growth, understanding and integration of the material read and discussed. If you delight in tackling difficult texts all the better. If you struggle with difficult text but want to "get to the meat of the text" with others all the better, too.

This group will also be a form of supervision for those participants who have some form of practice working with others in a healing capacity. We will work your clinical material as we work with the texts for greater understanding, integration and application in your work.

I will facilitate the reading and discussion also using clinical material from Jung's and others' practices while inviting participants to bring their own clinical material to the group for discussion in regards to the studies at hand.

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