Saturday, July 18, 2015

Psych 101 For Healers

Psychology for Healers

A practical course for those engaged in any type of healing work (acupuncturists, body workers, energy workers, massage therapists, nurses, Reiki practitioners, shamanic counselors). This course is both didactic and experiential. There will be an opportunity for supervision and discussion of practice issues. This will enable practitioners to deal effectively with the clients' emotional content that inevitably arises when doing deep work.

The curriculum is as follows:

  1. Basic psychodynamics
  2. Deep listening
  3. The practice of epochē (self-preparation before client seessions)
  4. Practical skills for dealing with clients who are having strong emotional reactions to the work 
  5. Character Styles and what to expect in healing situations with each character style, with emphasis on practical skills for recognizing and working with each character type
  6. Case supervision
Bring cases that have stymied you, or have left you feeling uncomfortable, for supervision and discussions in the second half of each meeting.

This course will meet once monthly for ten months.

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