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Classes in Shamanism

Workshops in Shamanism

Introduction to Shamanism
“What is shamanism?” A 2-hour introduction to the teachings of the Q’ero of the Andes, the principles of shamanic healing,ways.

Ceremony and Ritual to Reconnect with Nature
Ancient healers were attuned to the changing seasons, changing moon phases, the changing tides. “Civilized” peoples have lost that connection. This workshop introduces four rituals to help reconnect with nature:
  1. Calling the Four Directions
  2. Fire Ceremony—human beings’ most ancient ceremony
  3. The Ritual of the Sun—a meditation to call upon and show respect to Father Sun
  4. Learning to energize and empower the luminous body by utilizing the energy of Father Sun.
Curanderismo and Ribbon Healing
An introduction to the practice of Ribbon Healing including a demonstration and practical instruction on how to utilize this powerful technique for self-care and the caring for others.

Curanderismo and Flower Circle Healing (the Limpia)
This presentation can be done with a physical demonstration in the right setting, or with visual aids—photographs and discussion—if the space is not appropriate for an actual demonstration.

Native Healing Techinques: Journeying
Journeying, that is, entering into an altered state to obtain information not otherwise available to thinking mind, is the basic “tool” in most indigenous healers’ figurative toolbox. This workshop introduces journeying and then teaches participants how to use this powerful tool for themselves, their families, and their community. Included in this workshop are:
  • The Journey to Restore Power. A Journey to the Island of the Power Animals 
  • Journey to Lower World
  • Journey to Upper World
Native Healing Techniques: Advanced Journeying
In this advanced workshop we practice Tracking Possible Destinies—reading another person's possible destiny, looking for clues to any particular issues that person brings to the work.

Living the Way of the Medicine Wheel: a 4-Part Series (each workshop can be a two-hour, four-hour, or entire day presentation which could include a fire ceremony if the facilities permit)
  • Introduction to the Work of the South—Part One The Path of the Wounded Healer. Dancing with the aspects of the South, and shapeshifting.
  • Introduction to the Work of the West—Part Two of the series introduces the Path of the Warrior, Dancing with the Aspects of the West
  • Introduction to the Work of the North—Part Three of the series introduces the Path of Ancient Wisdom, Dancing with the Aspects of the Nort
  • Introduction to the work of the East—Part Four of the series introduces the Path of the Seer, Dancing with the Aspects of the East, and learning methods of divination, including muscle testing, reading a pendulum, and time permitting, reading of leaves, cards and tracking future destinies. Bring a pendulum and your favorite Tarot deck or runes.
Native Healing Techniques: Self Care for the Soul—The Soul Retrieval and Addiction
When a person experiences some deep pain, wounding, or trauma, parts of the soul leave but are not lost. Pachamama, Mother Earth holds these parts deep in her body until we are strong enough to retireve then. Soul retrieval is a way of bringing back these missing parts of the soul, thereby increasing our vitality and wholeness. 

Native Healing Techniques: The Illumination Process
The illumination process is a method by which we cleanse the auric centers. In this workshop, the technique will be explained and demonstrated. There will be time for participants to practice this potent healing technique. 

Native Healing Techniques: Sand Painting (shamanic mandala)
In this workshop the shaman’s use of sand painting is discussed with various methods of creation and interpretation introduced. Space and time permitting, participants will be invited to create their own sand painting relating to a specific issue, which you will then be invited to heal the by changing (healing) the sand painting. 

Native Healing Techniques: Shapeshifting
Based on the work of John Perkins, this experiential workshop introduces the basics of shapeshifting on a personal level, gives participants several opportunities to practice shapeshifting through guided meditations and other visual techniques, and finally expands the conversation to address questions of a global scale.

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