Saturday, July 18, 2015

Classes in Jungian Psychology

Jungian Workshops

The Jungian Archetypes and Symbols in Dreams
Participants will be given an introduction to the concept of archetypes, from Jung’s perspective, and a discussion of symbols in dreams. Ways of working with dreams will be demonstrated and symbology for interpreting one’s own dreams will be discussed.

Jungian Dream Interpretation
This introduction to dream interpretation from Jung’s perspective will enable participants to begin to interpret their own dreams through a Jungian lens.

Jungian Symbology and Shamanism
The connection between shamanism and Jungian thought has been made by many scholars. This workshop will introduce participants to the connection between these two world views and invite them to enter the ongoing conversation with reference to their dreams, journeys and meditations.

The Waking Dream
Learn the practical skills of dream journaling, dream re-entry, and illumination in this two-hour workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring a dream to work on in the class.

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